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About Me!

I was blessed as a child to be raised in the home of two teachers who felt that outdoor education and exposure to moderate amounts of adventure were equally as important as time spent in the classroom. With a forest for a back yard, and the inexhaustible imagination of a child, I developed a love for the natural world that composes the very core of my adult life.

After finishing an undergraduate degree in the applied arts from the University of the Fraser Valley, I spent some time in "proper adult" jobs before giving in to the allure of exploring and photographing British Columbia's wilderness. As such, my work is exclusive to this westernmost province of Canada. My desire is that at least one of the gallery photos will cause you to pause and consider the due majesty of this still-wild land.

If you would like a more personal introduction to my life as a photographer, consider reading about how nature photography may have saved my life:


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