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My Promise To You:

Authentic, wild, captivating...

These are the aesthetics that I aspire to share. They also constitute some of ethical guidelines for how I operate as a nature photographer.

Authenticity is something that is greatly lacking in the present day. "Seeing is believing..." has turned into "I can Photoshop a giant moon over that horizon" without regard for the actual validity of the scene. While I choose not to follow this trend, I by no means condemn those that do. Furthermore, there are some amazingly talented artists like Brooke Shaden who have found a way to tastefully make significant image editing an art within their art.

Respect for our wilderness areas is also something I take seriously. As a nature photographer, I do not subscribe to the idea that the image must be had at all costs. I believe that the welfare of the animal is paramount. No photograph is worth the well being of an animal.


Finally, while I strongly support the rehabilitation efforts of enclosed animal refuges, I will never pass off an animal in captivity as a naturally wild animal being photographed out in the field. Unfortunately these days, this is particularly problematic with photos of wolves and large cats.

Please help conserve our beautiful wilderness by continuing to be informed and discerning in your purchase of art.


Thank you,

Stephan Pawloski

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