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The wind whips at my face as I work to shield my lens from the onslaught of rain hitting me in undulating waves. I should have worn full rain gear and not just my storm jacket, everything below my waste is soaked to the bone but I don't care. There is something so incredibly captivating by a good electrical storm. The air is sizzling with static, and I wait... To capture lightning in a photograph you require 3 parts patience and 1 part nerves... when suddenly I am rewarded by this incredible twinned bolt of lightning.

Electric Twins

  • We print our photos in-house using Canon commercial printers and Hahnemühle archival paper. All of our prints are guaranteed against visible fading or colour-casting for as long as you own your print.


    Each print is part of a limited edition run, totalling a lifetime maximum of 20 - 13"x19" prints and 50 - 8.5"x11" prints. Once the last print of an edition is sold, that print is taken out of production indefinitely.


    Each print comes signed and numbered, data stamped on the back side including a Certificate Serial Number, and is accompanied by a matching Certificate of Authenticity.

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